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Alan PalangeSelecting The Right Brokerage Firm

Ocean Grande Realty specializes in ocean front property. But it goes much deeper than that. We operate this business in a very personal fashion while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and client services. I know, it’s a mouthful. It simply means that we take each and every client into our family and consuct the transaction as though you were a family member.

We make ourselves available seven days a week from 8:00AM to 8PM. We are consultantly communicating with our clients as to keep them aware of exactly whats happening. Rather than tell you how great we are, we prove it by having systems in place which allow us to operate a well iled Brokerage Firm for your benefit. We go beyound the call of duty, we ensure that each and every detail is understood and passed along to the general public.

Sitting down with the Broker/Agent you are considering working with and making your way through all the smoke and mirrors is tantamount to making the right decision. Call today and speak with Alan, broker/owner of  Ocean Grande Realty for a very straight forward conversation about how we may best help you.


Integrity & Honesty

It is the code we live by, to treat each and every client with respect, and understanding that each client deserves our 100% commitment to the highest level of Integrity. Integrity in all we do while representing our clients achieving the best possible result as desired by the client, not us. We never understand why Brokers and Real estate Agents offer anything but a Single Agency relationship to their clients. Ask us to explain, but please never accept anything but a 100% complete Single Agency relationship from your Broker.

Dedication & Agency Relationship

Just how important is the Agency relationship between a Broker and client? If your attorney told you he/she was going to provide you with limited representation, you would probable say, no thanks. However each day clients sign disclosure forms without realizing the type of relationship they just agreed to with their Broker or Real estate Agent. Always demand single agency, the most comprehensive form of agency relationship that you can be afforded. To us it’s simple, either we are 100% dedicated or we are not. You will always have our 100% guarantee we will work for your benefit.


Long before we had Wikipedia my grandfather always drilled home what it meant to be Diligent. It seems him and Wikipedia had come to the same conclusion; Diligence is steadfast application, assiduousness and industry; the virtue of hard work. It is one of the seven heavenly virtues. Diligent behavior is indicative of a work ethic; a belief that work is good in itself.

Customer Service

Not often you hear about this little gem anymore. We always wonder what happened to great customer service? It seems nobody really cares anymore. Ocean Grande Realty will ensure that each and every client receives first class customer service. That’s our guarantee to you.

Who’s Number One?

Have you ever stopped for a moment and realized everything seems upside down? If I hear one more agent mention how their number one I may just pull my hair out. In the world as seen by Ocean Grande Realty our clients are number one. We get up each and every day realizing that we need to deliver the best possible client service program in the industry. And when we say we want you as a client for life, it’s not just a catchy phrase. We strive for long term relationships and realize there is only one way to achieve the goal; Make each client number one in all we do!


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